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 EuroCrossCamp 2012 a Success (12.31.12)

Weik, the youngest rider at the camp, who turned 16 only days before embarking for Belgium, said that despite the challenges, he is already hoping to make a return next year.

“I’m having a blast; this is the best ever,” he told VeloNews after a 34th-place finish in Loenhout. “Despite just getting my head pounded in today, I was having fun the whole time. It’s all super fun, a super big learning experience. Namur, the first race I did here, was by far the most fun I’ve had on a bike. I was scared, but it was just a blast.”

Velo News: EuroCrossCamp 2012 a Success

  The Road 'Cross the Ocean (12.30.12)

Josey Weik gets a taste of Belgium Cross

"The riding was fun. Close tight, windy roads, and bike paths with interesting sights and a fair amount of traffic kept us on our toes."

CyclingNews Article HERE

  Missives from the Motherland
-EuroCrossCamp through the rider's eyes

They published Josey's first blogpost of his Belgium experience
"Beginning in Belgium" (12.21.12)

I arrived in Brussels with David after a nine hour flight with little sleep at 9:00 AM. The Brussels airport was surprisingly painless and we found the baggage claim with out a fuss, with plenty of people saying things like:
“You here for Cyclocross?”
“Very good, what races are you doing?”
“Namur, Beernem, Loenhout, Diagem, and Baal.”
“Oh good! I cheer for you, eh?”

Tuesday, December 25

Josey Weik shares his Namur race report:
"Three hours later, we walk out of the car having arrived at the course. It’s on top of a huge hill in the middle of town, the site of a old fort. Everything is sloped, especially the windy road that brought us to the top. My state of mind turns from a surreal, anxious anticipation to a sort of frantic, hyperactive state of overdrive. Things run through my mind at high speed. Gotta get my bib, do I have my passport? Don’t lose the passport. Get your number. Find somebody to pin you number! Quickly, it’s time to ride! Get your bike. Dial the pressure. Find some to to ride with. Get on the course. No one is taking care of you now, there is no room for error."


12.31.12      Josey Weik 
He wasn't the first rider on course. And he wasn't the biggest in the Junior race, but Josey Weik rode the whole sand pit at Diegem while most couldn't. The Belgians noted this.

Tom Robertson

Tom Robertson 

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