Yep, I'm a Pig Farmer!

(If you want to get information for Pork Shares
email available YEAR-ROUND)  

One of the ways I support my love for cycling is I help raise our farm's 70 or so pigs. Our pigs spend the spring, summer, and fall laying in the sun, soaking in the mud, and enjoying digging up the dirt in their pasture.

... and we raise some of them from piglets.

My pigs are happy and healthy. They would normally be destined to a confined space of about 5,000 other pigs that never see the light of day. They receive a hormone-free, balanced diet of whole grains, fresh pasture, and veggies from our farm.

Taking care of my pigs not only teaches me responsibility, patience, and excellent animal husbandry...I also make a profit by selling pork shares. I sell 1/2 and whole Pork Shares in the spring and will deliver you packaged, freshly-frozen pork in the late fall. If you want more information and would like to support my summer job please email our farm YKer Acres at:

Not only is raising pigs good for is also good for the farm!

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