Thursday, January 24, 2013

2012, it's a wrap!

Eight years I have been waiting for this season. For eight years I have wondered. When's it gonna happen? When am I gonna make that jump? When am I gonna grow? It started like any other year but by the end, I was a different rider. A different person. I started the season with a goals list, I didn't know if I could do any of them... six inches, three category jumps, tens of thousands of miles later in the car, on my bike, and in a plane I have achieved almost every one and beyond. My goals were:

#1: To place 1st overall in the cat 4 series at ToAD, I placed second overall by five points.

I did however achieve my first Cat 4 road win at Lacrosse
#2: To win a Cat 3 Cross race

And later went on to podium in several Cat 1/2 races like here at State championships.

#3: To top five at Short and fat, I placed 7th in the group sprint for 2nd.

 #4: to bunny hop barriers consistently

And #5: to Place top ten at Cross Nationals, I placed 6th, losing the sprint for 5th

I dreamed about going to EuroCamp but thought it was to big of a goal so did not put it on my list. Neverless, I was able to go to the tenth anuall EuroCrossCamp!

I also was on the Midwest team for Le Tour De Rimouski cadet race.

And attended Geoff Procter's USAC Cross Development camp.

Thanks to a ton of very generous people for making everything possible this year: 

My team IScorp, HED cycling, WCJ Pilgrim, Doug Close, Scott & Angie Rake, Amy Weik-Bonebell, Trek, Enzo's Button, The Crossniacs, Ski Hut, Thirsty Pagan, people who bought t-shirts, all the generous donations, and of course my parents!


  1. Congratulations on a great year and meeting your goals. Hugs

  2. What a tremendous season for you, well done.