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So my plans...I am very excited to announce that from March 22nd to September 1st I will be racing with a Spanish team called Hostal Latorre in the the province Basque country (which is in Spain). I will live, race, and train at the foothills of the Pyrenees for 6 months. 

Obviously this is a huge and very exciting opportunity for me, the caliber of racing I'll be attending is really high and will be on closed roads with 150-200, 19-25 year old's every day. Plus I will get to do lots of climbing, my favorite type of riding. This year really is a dream come true for me, I've wanted to race in the Pyrenees ever since I watched The Tour de France for the first time.

YOUR donations make it possible for me to RACE!

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  1. we arw so proud of you; rooting you on.go yker! hugs & love nana