Saturday, December 15, 2012

EuroCrossCamp-TV interview

The last couple weeks leading up to my departure to Belgium have been particularly busy. It's crazy how much preparation goes into getting ready for EuroCrossCamp. My bikes have to be in perfect working order, I need three sets of wheels with the right tires glued on, I have to pack my bikes and wheel into a double bike box (Thanks to the Flecks!), book flights, do tons of paperwork, get involved with media outlets, learn about Belgium, get the clothes needed that I don't have, figure out what I'm going to pack, do the dreaded task of learning how to grocery shop, and all the while do some of my most intense training during the weeks leading up to the camp.

The fact that I'm leaving in a few days time has really snuck up on me to. I think it's just now starting to hit me that I'll be going to Belgium to race some of the toughest race courses against the toughest competition in the world. Plus, I'm flying to another continent all on my own!

Kati Anderson from Northland News came out today to do an interview. (see below)

Northland News Story click here

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