Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jingle Cross Rock 2012

After being home for a little over three days, it was time to leave again. This time for a relativly small Cyclocross race. At least, it seemed small compared to the two Junior UCI races -Cincy3 & Louisville USGP- that had caused the absence from the farm for the past two weeks. Really though it had seemed much bigger past two times, last year and the year before. This would be the third time racing in Iowa. Three years, three bikes, and three different perspectives on the steep ridge that the course snakes up, over, and down Mount Crumpit.

CycloCross pro (and winner of two of the three races 
this year @ Jingle) Tim Johnson (Green kit), riding the 
Mt Crumpit hill that you're supposed to run up on 
Friday night. I couldn't find many photos of myself 
 riding it  that do the hill justice unfortunately...
We arrived at the Marriott hotel we would be staying at ten o'clock Thursday night. The course opened at two o'clock the next day. Three hours before my race I donned my skin suit and went out to check this year's brutality...

The first day I had a good race. I lined up at the start excited and ready to go! I had by far the best start I have had yet and bunny hopped the barriers/rode the run up every lap. I was in second place for the first few laps before having another rider run into my wheel and rip out one of my spokes.

I had to ride a half-lap to the pits with my wheel barely able to spin! Once I changed bikes I was able to work my way back up to 8th place.

Saturday was much warmer so I had no chance to use my Enzo's Embrocation.

The start on Saturday went even better. I opted to ride my Challenge Limus's and HED 3's and had much better traction everywhere. I was second to the top of the hill on the first lap and took the lead before the downhill! I had one of the best races of my life, leading the race until three laps to go was really fun and painful. With three to go, Jordan Cullen and Alex Martin caught up to me. Jordan attacked us on the flat section with two laps to go and neither of us could follow the attack. At the very end of the race I was leading into a corner with Alex hot on my tail when my tire caught a rut and I crashed. I lost 10 seconds on Alex to place a happy third, thirty seconds behind Jordan.

Sunday was a little bit more of a rough start, I got pushed into the tape twice and crashed once. I stayed calm though and worked my way up through the numbers.

Jordan was in the lead at the front and I went deep trying to catch up to him and Alex who were a minute ahead.

Riding the run up again each lap...


And hopping the barriers a few more times...

To finish third place again, the exact same time down on both Alex and Jordan. BIG thanks to CyclingRox for all the great photo's of the weekend.

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