Monday, January 23, 2012

2011 Season: A summary.

Another season gone by. Every time I begin a new one I have a long list of things that I will be better at, things to improve upon. Each time is like a fresh sheet of paper ready to be written on. When the season is over I always have a hard time keeping things in perspective and appreciating what I have accomplished. Each time I get better and better at taking a step back and seeing my season for what it was. Call it maturity, call it experience, or maybe just a result of my Dad explaining how much I accomplished each season, time after time. This year a lot has changed. I have a coach now. I bike nearly every day and race nearly every weekend. I have grown, improved, and matured in bounds and leaps. My life style has changed from merely unusual, to completly alien. Yet I know I am on the right path. Whenever I stop biking, things feel strange, unfocused, and lazy. Even after 5000 miles and 60 races I find myself longing for the feel of a bike underneath me when not even three weeks has past since my last race.

I had some really great races this year! at Tour of Americas Dairyland I got to experience a week of what my career will be like eventually. Get up in the morning, eat, go race, eat, come back... eat some more, play video games and discuss the race with team mates, sleep, and do it over again the next day (Thanks  Labecki's)!

I did midwest regional camp, where I got to stay in a college dorm with other riders and bike every day, independently, without my parents around to support me. 
(No pictures of this :P)

I was able to sit comfortably in the front of a cat 4's pack going 25-30 mph in the last few crits (a surreal experience).

I had a incredible race at short and fat, where I stayed with the front pack of all the best MTB juniors in the region for a good part of the race, and finished 17th overall out of 800 starter, first in my age class. 
I won my first cat 4 cross race.
Had all kinds of muddy races.
Madison and Fort Collins USGP.
Jinglecross rock.
National championships 15-16
And a fantastic national championships.

I started out this spring not even able to stay in a cat 4s pack for 10 miles, but by the end of my road season I was in contention to podium cat 4 criteriums. I had not even been able to place top 15 in a cat 4s race in cross, but now I am doing better than that in cat 3's, with several cat 4 podiums under my belt. I can time trial 2 mph faster, and sprint at 30 mph. I have joined a new team (ISCorp), made many friends, and been taught by experienced people. In short, I have had the best season yet.
A big thanks to: My parents, for there eternal and essential support, Andy for being the Obi-wan Kenobi in my life, Whitey, Ross, Geezer and the gang at Skihut for all the repairs, parts, and bikes. Last but not least my awesome team ISCorp for all their support!

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