Monday, November 7, 2011

Crossnight CX October 30th 2011

The whistle blows and off we go! I'm going to play this cat 4's race smart, I think to myself. Right off the bat I get on to second wheel. It's a "tar" start, which means its important to get to the front, but to still draft. As I fly around the corner I think of how it feels like the start of a crit, then the thought vanishes as we hit the grass. Myself, and 7 others quickly seperate away from the rest of the field, and begin to develop a large gap. Derek is at the front, driving the pace hard and on by one, all are dropped but Ethan and I. On the fast stretches we reach up to 25 mph. I'm hanging good and I know were I want to attack, but I botch my remount on the run up and I get gaped with 2 laps to go! Aaron has also been dropped, and I attack him were I was planning on attacking, finishing 3rd.
 Me bunny hopping the barriers in the Junior race.

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